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Sunday ‘Sunny’ Farrant
Sunny Farrant Life Celebration Exquisite and extraordinary Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Daughter, Sunday Lina ‘Sunny’ Farrant passed away on 27th May 2022. Life Celebration: The service will commence at 12pm Wednesday 8th June at 96 Lakeside Drive, Lake Tyers Beach. The service will then move to the Lake Tyers Beach Memorial Hall, 1 Millpoint Road, Toorloo Arm, at 12.30pm. Wake to follow. Please bring a plate of food to share. Anyone who would like to speak at Sunny’s service is welcome to. There will be a small celebration gathering held in Melbourne in the coming months for those cannot attend in Lake Tyers. Farrant - It’s with great sadness, that we wish to announce that Sunday ‘Sunny’ Farrant, passed away on the 27th of May, at home in Lake Tyers, in the loving arms of family. Please note, no flowers, instead surprise someone you love with flowers. That would bring Sunny so much joy to share the love. Or, Donation to Sunny’s favourite charity - Greenpeace. With love and gratitude, The Farrant family.
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